What time is your worship service?

Our main worship service on Sunday morning is at 11am. Our Sunday evening service is at 5:15pm. For More Information about these services please see the "Service Times" tab under the "Begin" heading.

Are there any classes/programs for my children?

Absolutely! We have a Sunday School class for all age groups 3-17. Our Sunday School is from 10-10:45am. Our Nursery is available for ages Birth-2yrs during both Sunday School and the Main Worship Service at 11am. During the Main Worship Service we have a program called Wee Play for ages 3-7. In this program the kids worship, have a lesson, have play time, and also do the occasional craft! Also during the Main Worship Service for ages 8-Middle School we have our Sword Challenge. Each week a set of notes that have come from the sermon are giving to the kids and they must fill out the notes and answer the questions pertaining to that week's sermon. At the end of the quarter if the child has filled out 10 or more of these they are eligable to go to a special party thrown just for them! Outside of Sunday we have two other days with youth events. Wednesday Night at 6:30pm we meet in the fellowship hall for a meal and at 7pm the adults stay downstairs for their own bible study while children of elementary through high school age go upstairs to their own classes for the evening. Thursday Night is another special night at Bethany. Much like the adult bible study on Wednesday Night the Thursday Night study is open to youth as well as adults. Any youth 9th grade or up is welcome to attend. We also start at 6:30pm with a meal and class starts at 7:30pm.

What are your main beliefs?

Bethany Christian Church is a Restoration Movement church. At Bethany Christian we believe many things. We believe that God does not care if you wear a suit and tie or you wear jeans and a t-shirt. We believe that fellowship with God's people can bring light to even the darkest day. We believe that because God loves us we are to love others in the same way. We believe that you can never be good enough to attend church, we are all sinners and that is why we come to worship. We believe in second chances and fresh starts. We believe you are more than your past. We believe that God CAN and WILL use you for His glory. We believe that the Bible is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16). We believe in being true to the gospel message. As far as the gospel goes we believe: Matthew 7:13-14 - Everyone is currently on one of two paths Romans 3:23 - ALL have sinned and the wages of sin is death Romans 6:23 - BUT, the gift of God is eternal life! Romans 10:14 - One must hear the Word John 3:16 - One must believe Luke 13:3 & Acts 2:38 - One must repent Matthew 10:32 - One must confess Jesus as Savior and Lord to others Mark 16:16 & Acts 2:38 - One must be immersed We believe you should check your baggage at the cross and come worship free from judgment, guilt, and shame! 1 Peter 5:7 "Cast your cares on Him because He cares for you."

How often do you take communion?

In 1st Corinthians 11:25 we see Paul relaying Christ's words pertaining to the taking of communion saying, "...as often as you do this do this in rememberance of me." "As often as you do this..." indicates that there is not a right or wrong frequency in which we take communion. We take it on a weekly basis at each one of our worship services.

What should I wear?

At Bethany you are home. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. One of the ministers preaches almost exclusively in jeans if that answers your question. :)

How do I get involved?

Serving is an important part of living a life for Jesus. He himself said in Matthew 20:28 that He came to serve, not be served. We have many opportuninites to serve at Bethany Christian! To get involved at Bethany just go to "Contact Us" under the "Belong" tab and send us an email telling us what you are interested in and we will get you plugged in! We promise to respond within the day.